Who Are The Whining Pussys?!

The Whining Pussys are an actively touring band from Huntington Beach, California. What do you get when you blend punk, alternative, reggae, hard rock, humor, angst, and pop sensibility? You get The Whining Pussys!

Sketchy Daryl – Drums

OG Steve – Bass Guitar

Clark McSteven – Vocals/Guitars

KZ Anarchy – Guitars

The Whining Pussys are also part of the SoCal Music Collective. The SoCal Music Collective is a group of like-minded musicians from all over California. The purpose of the collective is to improve the music scene by sharing, networking, and supporting each others art and music. If you are interested in joining the collective, please share our info, come out to a show, and let us know about your music! We love all types of music! Please check out the SoCal Music Collective on Facebook and Instagram and join us!